How to setup your @earls email on a mobile device



Create an App Password

  • Sign in to your Google Security Settings (Create App Password) 
  • If you cannot access the App Password page you can skip this step
  • At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you’re using (Mail). 
  • Click Select device and choose the device you’re using.
  • Select Generate.


Please note: Once you are finished, you won’t see that App password code again, so do ensure that you write it down to use during the mail setup on your phone. 


Every App password can only be used once. You can always generate a new App password whenever you need one, even for a device or application you've authorized before.
Setup Mail
  • From the Home screen, Tap Settings
  • Next, Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • In the Accounts section, tap Add Account.
  • Choose your email account type. Tap Exchange
    • Enter Email
    • Enter password or Google app password (if setup)
    • Set the description of this mail account
    • Tap Next
  • Configure Server & User Settings
    • Enter Full Email (not pre-filled)
    • Enter Server:
    • Domain leave empty
    • Enter Username as your full Email
    • Enter Password or Google app password (if setup)
    • Set the description if not pre-filled
    • Tap Next

Your settings should be similar to these below


Configure Sync Options


Tap Save and you are done!





** Instructions may vary between devices **

Install Google Device Policy

Google Device Policy

Add a Google Account

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Accounts
  • Select Add account at the bottom of the list
  • Select Google from the resulting menu.
  • Enter your Earls email address as instructed and follow through the setup


  • Enter Password 


  • Validate your email with either a text message or Okta Verify


  • Sign your life away through all the next steps and you are done.


Screenshot_20170821-151608.png Screenshot_20170821-151616.png

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