Essential Guidelines for Submitting QlikView or QlikSense Support Tickets❗️


1. Provide Clear Subject Line

Example: "QlikSense - Difficulty Accessing Daily Sales."

2. Describe the Problem Thoroughly

Example: "I was attempting to generate the daily sales in QlikSense. After selecting the necessary parameters, an error message displayed, stating, 'No data available.' I've tried restarting QlikSense and repeating the process, but the error persists."

3. Include QlikView/QlikSense Details

  • Business week/day or date
  • Profit Centre you are verifying
  • The amount of hour or $ variance in labour hours or labour $ (what you are seeing vs. what you are expecting to see)
  • Screenshot of both Push and/or QV if possible (Mac: command+shift+4 PC: Ctrl+printscreen)

4. Attach Screenshots or Error Logs

Example: "Attached is a screenshot of the error message from the QlikSense application. The error seems to occur when trying to fetch sales data from our database."

5. Use Step-by-Step Process

Example: "To reproduce the issue:

  1. Open QlikSense Desktop.
  2. Load the 'Sales' application.
  3. Select the necessary parameters (Store Name, Period/Week).
  4. The 'No data available' error message appears."

6. Indicate Impact and Urgency

Example: "This issue is preventing us from generating necessary sales reports for the day. It's critical to resolve this as we need these reports for daily operation and inventory management."

7. Keep Communication Open and Responsive

Example: "I will be checking my emails regularly to provide any additional information required. You can also reach me at (contact number) for any urgent queries."

8. Practice Patience and Courtesy

Example: "We appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. We understand these issues can take time to diagnose and resolve. Thank you for your help in advance."

Following these examples will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the communication between the Earls Restaurant employee and the IT support team.

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